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Are you aware of all the different ways that private and potentially sensitive data (such as email, credit card numbers, family data, etc.) can be seen by other people you don't know or trust? Cutler Ridge Networks can do a security assessment of your current network, PC applications, settings, and habits, and recommend ways to keep private data private, while still getting the benefits of networking and Internet access. As part of our standard services, we can set up a firewall to protect your network against outside intruders.

Cutler Ridge Networks' Privacy/Security services: 

  • Privacy/Security assessment

  • Firewall installation and configuration

  • Operating system and application configuration/settings

  • Establishing "best practices" for avoiding exposure of private data

  • Remote security testing of your network's integrity

Consumer Advisory:

If you have a wireless network, your security may be at risk. Please Click Here for more information

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