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How to Recycle Your Computers

Seventy percent of the heavy metals in U.S. landfills-including cadmium, mercury, and 1.2 billion pounds of lead-come from electronics, yet fewer than 15 percent of computers are currently being recycled. Some manufacturers, however, are making it easy to safely dispose of equipment that is outdated. Here's how the companies stack up.


Get an Apple Gift Card for your old devices. Send Apple your old iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC for reuse or recycling. If it has monetary value, Apple will apply that towards an Apple Gift Card. If not, they can recycle it responsibly for you. Go to Apple.com


For about $15, Dell will pick up your computer (from any manufacturer) and take it to its recycling department. If you buy a new Dell computer. Dell will recycle the old one for free. Go to Dell.com.


Gateway lists independent recycling organizations on it Web site. Customers purchasing new Gateway equipment may be able to trade in old equipement, depending on condition, and receive a rebate. Go to Gateway.com.


For $13 to $34 per item, HP will take back both your computer (for any manufacturer) and laser-printer and ink-jet supplies (HP only). Go to HP.com.


for about, $30, IBM will provide a prepaid shipping label to send your computer (from any manufacturer) to Envirocycle, a large electronics recycling center. Go to IBM.com.

Envirocycle, Inc.,

One of the nations leading recyclers of electronic equipment, has opened an electronic recycling center in Rancho Cucamonga, California, 11383 Newport Drive,is approved by the Integrated Waste Management Board and the Department of Toxic Substances to collect and recycle electronics, and is authorized to participate in the CEW payment system. The California Legislature passed The Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 to prevent disposal of potentially toxic electronics in the state’s landfills. A typical television or computer monitor may contain several pounds of lead that could leach into the soil if not properly managed, and other devices can contain mercury and toxic materials. The Act is intended to build a system by which businesses and consumers can responsibly recycle their obsolete electronics. An estimated 2.5 million pounds of electronics were recycled in the Envirocycle Hallstead plant in 2004.

For more on Enviroclycle Go to: Envirocycle Inc.

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